Current Students

    Ph.D. Students:

  • Samiul Alam: B.S. from BUET, OSU College Allocated Fellowship recipient
  • Zhongwei Wan: B.S. from SUSTech, Master from University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Xin Wang: B.S. from SiChuan University, Master from OSU, OSU College Allocated Fellowship recipient
  • Shakhrul Iman Siam: B.S. from BUET
  • Hyunho Ahn

    Undergraduate Students:

  • Hui Shen

    High School Students:

  • Jake Zhang

Prospective Students

For prospective Postdoc, PhD, Master, undergraduate students, and remote research interns who want to join my group, please email me your CV, transcripts, and GitHub repository. I may not be able to reply to your emails if those documents are incomplete.


  • Yu Zheng: Ph.D.
    Thesis: Efficient Architecture and Data Manipulation for Deep Learning Systems.
  • Shen Yan: Ph.D., Research Scientist @ Google Research
    Thesis: New Perspectives in Neural Architecture Search: Architecture Embeddings, Efficient Performance Estimations, and their Applications.
  • Xiao Zeng: Ph.D., Applied Scientist @ Amazon Lab126
    Thesis: Collaborative Distributed Deep Learning Systems on the Edges.
  • Biyi Fang: Ph.D., Machine Learning Scientist and Software Engineer @ Microsoft Machine Learning Cloud Services
    Thesis: Adaptive On-device Deep Learning Systems.
  • Xiaoyu Zhang
  • Yun Lou: Master
  • Fazlay Rabbi: Master
  • Brian Wang: B.S.
  • Jordan Wagner: B.S.
  • Collin Dillinger: B.S.
  • Nathan Bagnall: B.S.
  • Stevers William: B.S.
  • Philip Dooley: B.S.
  • Polimante Sergio: B.S.
  • Haochen Sun: B.S.
  • Jillian Co: B.S.

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